Good graphic design is like cutting the grass. It doesn't matter how high or how short you cut it. It just needs to be consistent to look good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gracyn Announcement Card-Before & After

Cindy Rankin had a delightful photoshoot with this doll! Cindy used green because Gracyn's room was decorated with little frogs. The bottom is the "after Liz" result.


Brittany C. Haney Brewer said...

Great job Liz! You are so talented! Remember when you helped me set up my new laptop (like 5 years ago)and my mom wanted to pay you like $100..(not really)?!!? LOL we were SO stressed and you set it up it in like 10 minutes! You go girl!

Stacie said...

You're so awesome, Liz. I love your designs, you're incredibly talented. :) I wanna be great like you someday.

Lizard said...

Brit, I vaguely remember the laptop deal, but I do remember helping you make a brochure for a class project. Glad I could help:)

Stacie, thank you. From the looks of it, you are ahead of me from when I started:) Keep up the good work! I love looking at your designs!