Good graphic design is like cutting the grass. It doesn't matter how high or how short you cut it. It just needs to be consistent to look good.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Golden Years Directory

Job included layout and design of the premier issue of Golden Years Directory, a mini magazine highlighting the services available to senior citizens in central Arkansas.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plug in to God

Real Estate Flier

Looking for a place to call home?  This is it!

Thia Photographie Banner

Cindy Rankin of Thia Photographie asked me to use the logo and make a background for her websites ( &

Thia Photographie logo by Nathan Holmes of Tall Designs (see link).  

Two Sisters Catering

If you have never tried a Ding Dong cake from Two Sisters Catering, I suggest that you call the number on the card and order one!  This is a promotional mailout I made for them.  They requested a portion of the back to remain blank so that they could customize it for special offers.

2008 Thanksgiving at FPC

Fall Mailouts

These are the fronts of a couple of mailouts that I have done.