Good graphic design is like cutting the grass. It doesn't matter how high or how short you cut it. It just needs to be consistent to look good.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Senior Ad–Before & After

My good friend, Cindy Rankin, e-mailed the ad on the left and asked what I would do differently or how could I improve it. The right is the result.

Church Cards

These are a few new church invite cards that I did for First Pentecostal Church.  The top card features a photo by Tim Hursley and the bottom two cards feature photos by Cindy Rankin of Thia Photographie (see link on side).

All pertinent information is on the back side of each card in black and white.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland Decal

This is a joint project between myself and Bro. Nathan.  He did half and I did the other half.  One of my favorite designs ever.  We first used this for last years Winter Wonderland and kept it the same for this year.  We figured there was no way that we could possibly beat the original design.