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Monday, January 19, 2009

Kids Alive

This is the banner for our Kids Alive Ministry.  The Summit will be hosting children's church at the end of this month and this is just one part of a promo campaign.

Thanks to Tyler Culpepper & Lauren Thomason for getting the pix and to Bro. Chris "Summit" Blakley for all of his hard work and dedication.


Susan said...

Liz, this is super work. I love it!

Hey, in reference to your comment on my blog about learning Tagalog, I thought you might be interested in a blog I found on It is called My New Home. I think the url is, but I'm not positive about that. She is a young Filipino lady, who married and moved to the U.S. last year. Her husband is a preacher. My friend Diane who you saw on my blog contacted her. Anyway, sometimes she writes in what I assume is Tagalog or a Philipino dialect. I guess because her family is reading it. What I think is neat is that it will all be words I don't understand, and in the middle of them I'll see "lol" or "hehe" or "chocolate". I guess those are the same in English :)

Cynthia Rankin said...

this is soooo cute! What a great idea, the only thing is that one of these isn't Samuel, being his normal wild self. Tyler is really revving up to be a great photographer, We need all the help we can get. Cha Cha!

kaylie said...

lizard!!! you're so good at that kinda stuff lol i didn't know you had a blog!!